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VO series - Anticorrosive Pigments.


VOXCO Zinc Chromate
VO-ZC (Zinc Potassium Chromate)


VOXCO Zinc Phosphate
VO-ZP (Zinc Phosphate Dihydrate)


VOXCO Zinc Phosphate
VO-ZP1 (Zinc Phosphate Dihydrate)


VOXCO Zinc Tetroxy Chromate
VO-ZTC (Zinc Tetroxy Chromate)


VOXCO Strontium Chromate
VO-STC (Strontium Chromate)


VOXCO Barium Chromate VO-BC
VO-BC (Barium Chromate)

NOTE: In this shade card, the physical and chemical properties of the VOXCO products are given in summarised format. These pigments are homogeneous fine powders. In different end applications the colour and fastness properties of individual pigments depend to a large extent on so many different factors like type of medium, extenders, dries, additives, method of application, concentration of pigment, film thickness, etc. the rating values are given in general terms. They can serve as guideline in assessing the suitability of the pigments for a wide variety of products. Though, it is recommended that the customers verify the performance of these pigments under actual conditions of application.

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